Caring for your conservatory roof blinds

Whether you decide to take advantage of our Conservatory roof blinds valet service or not, having a regular cleaning regime for your conservatory roof blinds is the most effective way to keep your blinds operating smoothly and looking their best.

Removal of light dust

the removal of flies and insects from the back of the binds is most important to prevent damage to the solar backing of the blinds. Removing the flies and insects can either be by means of a vacuum cleaner with a long flat nozzle or they can be blown off with a hairdryer set on a cool setting.

Heavier dust deposits

a damp sponge dipped in luke warm water can be used. Wipe the pleats gently. For stubborn marks, a very mild detergent can be added to the water but try this first in an unobtrusive area of the blind if possible.

Removal of flies and insects

he removal of flies and insects from the back of the binds is most important to prevent damage to the solar backing of the blinds. Removing the flies and insects can either be by means of a vacuum cleaner with a long flat nozzle or they can be blown off with a hairdryer set on a cool setting.

Maintenance of support wires

the wires that support the fabric require no maintenance other than wiping over with a silicone approximately every 3 months. Spray some silicone onto a clean lint free cloth and gently wipe the cloth along the length of the support wire. This will ensure smooth operation of the blind as it moves along the support wires.

Prevention of Mould

Mould spores are always in the air and their growth occurs when they germinate on contact with damp surfaces through condensation or rain water penetration. The mould takes the appearance of small black, grey or green spots on walls, windows and other surfaces. Mould is most commonly seen around windows reveals or external walls and at high level at external corners. If there is mould growth at low level, it is not rising damp. It is just that that part of the wall is at or below dew point.

The usual reasons for mould developing are:
• human activity (breathing, perspiration, cooking, drying clothes indoors, etc.)
• inadequately heated / ventilated rooms
• colder walls that are more exposed to the outer environment
• thin brick walls
• a leak to the building
• a new-build still drying out

Condensation and mould growth can often be controlled by:
• increasing the flow of warm air to avoid cold pockets
• allowing adequate ventilation
• keeping your glass clean (avoiding any aggressive chemicals as they can damage your blinds when in contact)
• keeping your blinds clean at all times (dirt forms a suitable organic matter for bacteria to thrive and mould to grow on)
• keeping blinds retracted when you know condensation is forming (in serious cases, take your blinds down if you are worried about damage and resolve your condensation problem first).

Cleaning/removal of Mould

Once mould has developed on blinds it usually means that mould spores have attached to the fabric which means that the fabric could be damaged when trying to remove the mould. However, it is worth a try cleaning them with a sponge dipped in luke warm water with a mild detergent solution. Scrubbing with a small brush such as a toothbrush may help but this could cause damage to the fabric.

Mould requires a combination of moisture and organic material on which to form. Conservatory blinds are generally constructed using man made fabrics which means that mould will only form if the blind fabric is dirty.

To prevent mould on your blinds, keep your blinds clean and do not allow condensation to occur.

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